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Rig move operations are a critical task in the oil and gas industry.

Based on various types of hazards encountered during drilling operations, preplanning, coordination and adequate supervision of the efforts from all personnel involved are essential to carry out a safe and efficient rig moving operation.




Providing a structured plan of action for personnel working on the Rigs that include rig down as well as rig transportation. These procedures can be improvised at any one time should the equipment, personnel, available resources, modified implementation steps  or an alternative measure is found to conduct a rig move.


Immediate Supervisor:

The Supervisor is responsible for planning and supervising all operations related to the rig move operation and ensuring that all work being performed during the rig move is done safely and efficiently in accordance with the HSE standards. The Supervisor must also ensure that all safe precautions are adhered to, in order to prevent unnecessary incidents from occurring.



It is the responsibility of every employee to work in a safe and efficient manner which will neither expose himself or his fellow workers to any unforeseen hazardous situations. All employees shall wear and use safety equipment and utilize tag lines to ensure safe working conditions for themselves and others.




Scope of Work - New Route Plan and New Location

  • Obstructions (low overhead structures, power lines, etc.) Road hazards (gates, condition of roads, shoulders, etc.)
  • All overhead obstructions along the route (power lines, telephone lines, overpasses and bridges) and make sure all loads will clear those obstructions.
  • Load out sequence.
  • Specific travel routes.
  • Additional equipment needed for the move (i.e. – lifting equipment and their corresponding lift plans).
  • Any special inspections (i.e. – derrick) or repairs to be completed before the next rig up.
  • Any first-time employees (Short Service Employees) with limited experience which may require “out of the way jobs” or additional supervision or other extra precautions.






The HSE person in charge shall ensure that the employees have received adequate training and have knowledge of, and experience in, the application, use, and limitations of the equipment to make sure the use or operation of the equipment is done in a safe and efficient manner to rig down, rig move and rig up on the new worksite.